Our Story

We met Poppie Mashego in 2001. She was a social worker assisting us with the adoption of our son Thulani. She made us aware of the horrific plight of “children deemed to be in need of care and protection”. Protection may be provided by some institutions... sadly emotional “caring” is often lacking.

What can only be described as a “GOD” inspired passion to change the lives of broken children led us to start a Non-Profit Organisation, and to donate our home to the NPO.

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How can you help?

The children of Sinethemba Hope House are just like any other family with needs. Grant and Sharon provide 100% of their physical, emotional, and mental support towards the children. With so many children in their care, you could imagine the struggles they have, from education, to bills, to being able to put food on the table every night, but they do not cover those challenges alone, the public play a huge role in meeting these needs.

They are grateful for every cent that has been donated to their home. Whether it is old clothes or a brand new car,  it all makes this children’s home different and that is that they are a family full of love and hope. Grant and Sharon believe that the children are the hope for the future. After the age of 18 the children are encouraged to further their education and follow their dreams. They also believe being able to change someone’s life, through God, for the better is the biggest reward you can give in this life. Their home is purely run by the grace of God.

Donations that can make a difference:

  • Cash
  • Building materials: cement, stone, bricks
  • Solar panels
  • Solar geysers: 1 x 250 litre, 4 x 150 litre
  • Food and groceries

Payment may also be made into our Paypal account under Dennis McGill using grant@sinethembahopehouse.co.za